Corporate Wellbeing

Delight your staff with a more unconventional activity

We need to talk about the happiness level of the people of Hong Kong. We’re the worst in Asia and this is our opportunity to act. Companies have long changed our lives for the positive. Moreover, they act as incubators for change and can redesign the society from within. We’re all spending numerous hours at work. Being satisfied where we spend so much time has positive spillover effects on the quality of our work and the energy we project. We’re excited we’re at the start of an upswing in new era where employers play a catalyst role in reinvigorating those contentment-starved brains.

We, at First Light, are extremely passionate in becoming the widespread driving force, assisting corporates in developing customized wellness-oriented events for their employees.

We encourage companies and brands to proactively engage with their stakeholders to form human and meaningful first-hand connections rather than being separated by a screen. Our lives are already characterised by information overload. Picture a moment for yourself, and only yourself, to be free from all distractions, and to help fire your day.